Sir Alex Ferguson Backs Mancini’s Handling Of Tevez Scandal

Mancini took some heat, but the rivals are actually praising him for his decisions.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Following the controversy caused earlier this week when Carlos Tevez refused to play in Manchester City’s Champions League match against Bayern Munich, the boss of City’s bitter rivals Manchester United has defended Blues manager Robert Mancini, praising him for his handling of the situation.

Mancini has taken an admirably stern approach to Tevez’s disrespectful actions, responding to questions concerning Tevez’s future with the club by saying: “If a player plays for Manchester City in the Champions League and earns a lot of money and does this, then he can never play for me again.”

Tevez was reportedly frustrated with being put on the bench for the clubs match with Bayern Munich, and for not being chosen to replace centre-forward Edin Dzeko 10 minutes into the second period. When Mancini wanted to make another substitution 10 minutes later Tevez refused to take to the field, a move which angered his manager and the City fans.

“I have helped him and now he’s refused to play,” said Mancini “at Bayern Munich, do you think this would happen? Would it happen at Milan or United? I am the manager and I make the decisions and in my opinion he can’t play for me again.”

Tevez responded by saying: “I didn’t feel right to play, so I told him I couldn’t play. I have always done my best for the club and was top scorer last year. If he doesn’t want to play me again that’s up to him.” 
However, Mancini has an unlikely ally in the form of rival club Manchester United’s manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who defended the Italian’s actions by saying: “I think that Roberto Mancini has come out and shown his strength of character, his strength of management and I think that is important.”

Tevez’s future with the club is uncertain, with his two-week suspension and a fine of two-week’s salary (a staggering £500,000) likely being the beginnings of his departure. Although Mancini wishes that the club does not terminate his contract, chances are that Tevez is sold to another club when the transfer window opens again in January.