Historectomy Episode 6 “Maneaters of History”

Enough talking about people! Let's talk about bloodthirsty animals!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

Lets start off with a bang: 



A truly gruesome and vicious doubleheader! Beasts of legend emerge from the mists of time to kill! To hunt! To be ridiculed incessantly on a podcast!

We cover the two demon lions made famous in the movie "The Ghost and the Darkness" and then follow it up with a strange wolf tale from France: The Beast of Gevaudan! All three of these terrifying animals left bodies in their wake, and fear in the hearts of man. Find out what they were and how they were eventually killed…or were they?



Also in this episode: The key conceit of "Rise of The Planet of The Apes", pronunciation is important, the horrifying conditions of colonial times Africa, why being "Master of The Hunt" always sounds awesome, PETA sucks (occasionally), people or animals: which tastes better?, Ice-T is still the most dangerous game, gin and tonic as the best medicine…unless you have a problem, what a "wolf-like" animal really is, and why building your railroad in the "place of slaughter" is probably not a wise decision.



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Stay tuned all October for more "horror" themed Historectomy! Next week, "The Death of Edgar Allen Poe"!