New 52 Review: Voodoo #1

Another Wildstorm character gets a DCnU reinvention, and it's another one that's not gonna be a good inspiration for girls.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Voodoo #1

There is no sex in the champagne room.

There is, however, a hot chick that’s actually an alien and will slash you to bits. Of course, this is only if you head into a strip club in the newly rebooted DCU. For the Wildstorm fans out there, the name Voodoo is a familiar one and this newly rebooted version may cause some discomfort. For those who have no idea who or what Voodoo is, this issue might not do much to excite you over the character. Originally, Voodoo was part of WildC.A.T.S., and though she did have alien heritage, she was more an asset to the struggle than a hindrance. In this new DC era, Voodoo – aka Priscilla – is back to being a stripper, but now she’s part of the alien invasion, using her considerable “talents” to elicit information from drunken soldiers who wander into her club, which she then reports back to her alien hierarchy.

Voodoo #1 opens with Priscilla in next to nothing, on all fours, on a stripper stage, her assets all but hanging out. The rest of the issue has something to do with some Government agency sending a man and woman to watch Voodoo. The man is a cliché jerk Government Alpha Male, his partner a bitchy woman who can beat people up. Woven within that story we get lots of boobs and scantily clad women chatting. Then Voodoo does a lengthy lap dance for the male Government agent before turning into an alien and slashing him apart. Using her shape shifting abilities, Voodoo turns herself into the agent she just killed and heads home.

The usually reliable Ron Marz seems a little off his game here. I’m also not sure what’s up with DC and the 44DD sex-kitten thing they’ve been throwing at us. Catwoman, Red Hood & The Outlaws, and now Voodoo. While not as outright offensive as Catwoman, Voodoo is the most egregious use of half naked women to tell a new DC story. A good 90% of issue #1 is centered one of more female forms spilling out of their lingerie and the endless skin starts to interfere with the story. Not in a sexual way, because these are drawings, but just in the fact that it seems unnecessary, almost like filler. I get that this is set in a strip club, but a few more panels dedicated to the plot instead of ladies in their underwear talking about babysitting could have driven up the interest. I will say this, the big shocker ending is a surprise because by the end, the issue has become so incredibly boring that a sudden alien attack is a real jolt.

The art from Sami Basri is solid and it proves the man knows how to draw the female form. The art is extremely clean, all solid colors with very little shading. I’m not sure if Voodoo being centered around a woman drove Basri to create a world that feels soft and pretty, but that’s the best way to describe it. I have no idea what the future will hold for the Voodoo character or the series. To me, it feels like another toss-at-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks issue from the New 52.