Mass Effect 3 to Feature Multiplayer?

South African retailer lists an online pass required for multiplayer. Wait... does this confirm multiplayer?

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Online retailer BT Games is at it again. First it was a listing for a high definition collection for Jak & Daxter, now it’s a pamphlet that “proves” multiplayer, in some fashion, is coming to Mass Effect 3. The hard quotation marks mean this is still quarantined in rumor status.


Multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 has been a feature that has long been rumored. It seems to get confirmed, then retracted on a regular basis. This latest “confirmation” could very well be another hoax. Although, EA Games and BioWare have said that Mass Effect 3 still has a few tricks up its sleeve where features are concerned. EA is even prepping “big news that a lot of you [Mass Effect fans] have been eagerly awaiting.” Could this be a multiplayer component for Mass Effect 3? Did BT Games ruin the surprise? Possibly. But it’s honestly a shot in the dark.

This multiplayer component could also turn out to be something tied to BioWare’s Cerberus Network for downloading game expansions for Mass Effect 3. It might have nothing to do with actual competitive or cooperative multiplayer.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not a fan of multiplayer coming to Mass Effect 3. It seems like a forced feature just to jump on the bandwagon of all games needing multiplayer in some fashion. Mass Effect, as a franchise, doesn’t need it; it’s the single player that matters. So the thought of the single player experience getting less time in the over so the team can focus energy on the game’s multiplayer component is frightening. Let’s hope the campaign of Mass Effect 3 doesn’t suffer if multiplayer is indeed coming to the franchise.

If EA either confirms or denies the existence of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, we’ll let you know.