“Greatest” Movie Lines of All Time

Oh these writers! Each line is like a Shakespearean sonnet!

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

We’ve all heard movie lines and cringed. We’ve all heard movie lines and looked at our companions in the theatre with a look of “what?” and “huh?” Let’s celebrate these GEMS  of cinema and the gifts they have given audiences.

Shaken, not stirred. I have never said that to a bartender, I have never heard anyone (outside of say my grandpa’s Sarasota old folks community) say that to a bartender. Why? Because it’s absolutely ridiculous, not to mention unnecessary. Has anyone ever seen a bartender STIR a martini? NO. You have never seen that. Why? Because they always put the martini IN the martini SHAKER and SHAKE it.

Customer: “One martini, please. Shaken, not stirred.”

Bartender: “Oh, you mean like the way I always do it?”

Customer: “Yes.”


Hasta La vista, baby. Oooooh. Tough. Catchy. And so… European. Whenever I see Terminator2, I always look around the room frantically for native Spanish speakers. Why? So I can gauge their reaction of how daft and anti-climatic that line sounds. It’s like watching a French or Spanish action film and hearing the protagonist say, in English, “See you later, baby” as a macho-who-da-man-line-of-parting.



You complete me. Wowwww. That is so romantic and so…tender. It also reeks of co-dependant b.s. You complete me because I’m afraid to be alone. You complete me because I’m a single mother and somebody damn well better. You complete me… because that’s the best this crack-happy team of writers could come up with.



An accident can be an unhappy woman’s best friend. Okay. Well, let’s play a game called, “say what you mean.” When people play this game, meanings are clear and sentences short. In fact, the writers could have saved a lot of cheese, by writing, “kill your husband and make it look accidental.”



Oh, Lord! I almost sat on your face. Nice. Subtle. That’s what I like about this line from Maid in Manhattan with Jennifer Lopez, lady of the rear end. I would like to meet the genius that came up with that line so I can shake his hand for being both classy and understated.