Disney’s New Time-Travel Movie Has a Cool Concept

Time Zones takes place in a world where every time zone exists in a different historical era. Neat, huh?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

More Disney news today, as they've announced a really interesting new project from screenwriter Marc Guggenheim, who co-wrote the Green Lantern movie (but don't hold that against him, he's done good stuff too). Time Zones tells the story of a world in a mysterious event causes different places on Earth to exist at different points of time. Like, if you went to New York, it would be the New York of the 1930's, but if you had a layover in Chicago, it would be the Chicago of the 2030's. Neat, huh?

Guggenheim, a comic book writer and TV producer of such series as the trippy Flash Forward, has been assigned the project, according to Heat Vision. The actual story is about a guy who tries to exploit these "time zones" to go back in time and save his wife's life, kinda like that awful remake of The Time Machine from 2002. The added geographical element of having to physically move around the world to time travel might make for an interesting take on the familiar material, turning Time Zones into a chase movie more than a melodramatic duel with fate. Time will tell if it works out or not.

Incidentally, that header image is from Biggles: Adventures in Time, a mostly-forgotten 1986 time travel adventure about a World War I flying ace who travels into the "present" and gets in a series of mostly silly capers. It's a fun movie if you can find it, although the time travel part was only tacked on to the story after Back to the Future was a smash hit. The original series of novels by Captain W.E. Johns were straightforward pulp-ish adventure stories set in Biggles' own era.

Don't know why we brought it up. We just think it's a fun little movie. Anyway.

CraveOnline will be back with more Time Zones news after we find out just how "standard" Eastern Time really is.