Stars from the 80s/90s I really miss

Those were simpler times, my friends and our celebrities reflected that.

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

It was a pop culture where we didn’t idolize vampires, pirates or find it neat to watch a demonic presence terrorize a household. This was an era known as the eighties and nineties. The people that we allowed to grace the silver screen and the smaller tv sets of our homes reflected that.

And damn, do I miss these people. They were some nice kids.

Molly Ringwald

I know I’m not original with this choice, but you know what? If you have a problem with it, you go find a super-cool online periodical to write for like I did. She was pretty, without being perfect looking. She had crushes! She was nice to geeks! She had red hair! And then apparently, once the clock struck 1990, American cinema decided they didn’t want her to be the leading lady anymore. And Molly welcomed bit parts into her life.


Winona Ryder

What happened? Last thing I know she’s doing movies, doing well, doesn’t win an Oscar for Girl, Interrupted, makes a crappy movie with Richard Gear, and then starts shoplifting Marc Jacobs trinkets. Have I missed something? Is there something I’m not taking into account? Let’s get real, she was already slightly aging, which is like having herpes in Hollywood, so to put shoplifting on top of that is quite the career killer. I just wish someone could have prepared me for it! Thank you.


Chris O’Donnell

Yep. Mmm-hmm. Right. I remember when this little Irish lad was the one to shag. He was the one my grade school girl friends and I would pool our allowance money on, so we could buy a big poster of him. What was it? He didn’t have sticky fingers moment like Wino in a department store. Was it just that he signed on to two of the worst Batman movies in history and that put the stink of death on him?


Fred Savage

Now I know it’s not going to surprise anyone when I say that I had a huge, retarded crush on him when I was a little kid and I thought he was just the cutest dumpling. But he was also a damn fine actor and it’s a shame that he seemingly plummeted into one of the pitfalls of child actors: he grew up. An action often seen as inexcusable in Hollywood, but one which has affected Jodie Sweetin, allll the Different Strokes kids, and Macaulay Culkin– and that's just scratching the surface.