I’m Feelin’ Blue

We mean the color... not sad... ok a little sad...

Kyle Krinerby Kyle Kriner

OK, blue is definitely my favorite color.  And while that seems like completely useless information, it does lead me to an interesting observation…There are some really cool blue people!  Over the years, creators of fiction have introduced us to some great characters, that just happen to be blue.  Let's meet a few of them.

Genie From Aladdin
I know I've said it before, but this guy is abrasive.  His complete lack of social skills and eagerness to please probably comes from being trapped in a shiny tea pot for god knows how long.  But never the less, he is truly a loveable sidekick.  I mean, he grants WISHES for cryin' out loud!  Not to mention he is a pretty funny guy.  He's a lot more positive than I would be if I was a prisoner forced to do the will of others for eternity.
Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen
With Watchmen being one of my favorite pieces of fiction ever, this one came easily to me.  Dr. Manhattan is not my favorite Watchman, but his story is compelling regardless.  He's actual a bit of a douchebag, mostly because that crazy lab accident basically removed his soul, or at least a good chunk of his humanity.  He only does "good" things to continue to please a woman that he seemingly has no attraction to anymore.  He's more confused than you guys probably are at this moment.  Thanks, Doc.
Skeeter from Doug
Now, out of all our blue friends, Mosquito Valentine is no doubt the best.  I grew up watching Doug, and it is probably my favorite cartoon ever.  The fact that I can't find it anywhere online to watch infuriates me.  Anyway, Skeeter is an awesome beat boxer, great dancer, and can give you a great pick me up during any Patty Mayonnaise love problems.  His dad constantly wants to ground him, but literally can't due to his lack of education, so when it's time to do something crazy, you know Skeeter will be down.  Hey, Skeet, is that a Captain Marvel t-shirt?  Nice.
Grover from Sesame Street
There are plenty of funny, cute Sesame Street characters, but for some reason I always gravitated toward Grover.  I know Cookie Monster is maybe a bit more iconic and also blue, but no.  While Cookie Monster is crazy and loud, Elmo is super cute, Big Bird is warm and kind, Bert & Ernie are the funny odd couple, Grover is just Grover.  He is the average guy.  The underdog.  A charming sense of humor, a loveable personality, and just an overall cool guy.  I'd hang with the Groves anytime.
Beast from The X-Men
Ahh, good ol' Hank McCoy.  Genius, superhero, furball.  He's one of the only mutants who actually looks like any sort of mutation happened to him.  Hank is good for any situation whether it be an all out brawl, or a battle of wits.  He'd be victorious either way.  And even though he's internally conflicted about his condition, he always finds a way to bring some levity into the room.  He also squabbles a bit with Wolverine (who doesn't?) but they clearly have been seeing the same hairdresser for years.