A look at Amazon’s Kindle Fire

We take a quick look at Amazon's latest and full featured version of the Kindle, the Fire.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is Amazon's rapid-fire answer to the iPad. Its specs are straight: a 8GB drive enough to hold 10 movies or 800 songs, a 14.6 ounce, multi-touch 7" color touch screen, and free cloud storage. Its also Wi-Fi enabled and includes a 30 day Amazon Prime subscription. Design wise, it’s in the same mold as the BlackBerry Playbook, sharing the same original design manufacturer.

The Fire's biggest trade chips are its key deals with Fox for the licensing of movies and TV shows to its streaming video service, as well as its MP3s and magazines. Its proprietary web browser, Silk, draws into the Amazon cloud to load pages faster and reviews your browsing pattern to pre load pages, resulting in a faster experience.

Amazon Kindle Fire

All in all, the Fire will be marketed as an upgraded version of the Kindle ebook reader. Amazon's Kindle Fire product page lists all of the versions of the popular e-reader in price order, starting from the $79 version all the way to the Fire, a step above the $139 Kindle Keyboard 3G version. Its functionality is limited, with none of the iPad excess including video chat, camera, or 3G connectivity. These enhancements are rumored to come in a second version after the holidays.

Look for the Kindle Fire to debut on November 15, 2011. You can pre order yours here: Kindle Fire