Grimm’s David Giuntoli talks Fairy Tales

We talk to David Giuntoli, star of NBC's new Fantasy-Drama, Grimm.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Grimm - David Giuntoli

There are two shows this fall about fairy tale characters coming to modern day. Grimm is the cop drama where Nick Buckhardt (David Giuntoli) learns he’s part of the Brothers Grimm lineage. Now he has the power to see fairy tale characters living in our world and he’ll have to bust the bad ones. We asked Giuntoli a few questions about Grimm when he met with the Television Critics Association this past summer.


Crave Online: What are the fairy tales you’re most looking forward to exploring in a modern day context?

David Giuntoli: I like any fairy tale that I get to get in a nice little fight with. The thing about Grimm is they’re kind of fractured fairy tales. When we see them and you know that that’s the fairy tale that’s in there, that’s great. But if you don’t know that that’s the fairy tale we’re going for, that’s great too. So when they’re explored, they might not be in their entirety.


Crave Online: So if there’s a wicked witch, would you be willing to hit a girl?

David Giuntoli: Oh, would my character be willing to hit a girl? I think if there was a wicked witch and she was going after a young child, as a cop I would have to subdue her forcefully.


Crave Online: What was it like shooting the fight scene in the pilot?

David Giuntoli: Oh my gosh, I thought I could do stunts. These stunt people train for a reason. I was a bear on roller skates. I almost slipped a disc in my back after one little light fall, but they’re really choreographed carefully.


Crave Online: What’s coming up after the pilot?

David Giuntoli: I know that we’ll be seeing maybe Goldilocks and the three bears in the episode, in some iteration. Other than that, I’m as excited as everybody else to see what’s coming down.


Crave Online: Was there a well known fairy tale that you didn’t realize was one of the Grimms?

David Giuntoli: Honestly, I grew up with Disney. I was a child of the ‘80s and Goldilocks and the three bears. Really nothing. I didn’t really understand the source until later on in my life. I was familiar with the snippets that everybody grew up with. However, I bought the book of complete unabridged Grimms fairy tales. It is a meaty read. I didn’t get all the way through it, but man, the kids don’t live all the time. It’s very dark.


Crave Online: How much new mythology do you get to create on this show?

David Giuntoli: Everything’s fair game. That’s more of a question for producers but I know we’re going beyond the Grimms fairy tales too.