Buxom Reality Star Recovers from Stiff Calf Muscle.

She made it through, thank God. 

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

Post-workout with her trainer, Buxom Reality Star (BRS) noted experiencing the usual muscle fatigue and exhaustion she was accustomed to. However, the next morning, she reported stiffness in her right calf muscle that made it mildly uncomfortable to walk.

BRS summoned her masseuse to the house; however, the masseuse reported that she would be unable to come until late that afternoon. The curvaceous and strikingly most attractive BRS in a family of BRSs confronted the situation bravely.

She tried to alleviate the discomfort in several ways:

She rubbed her calf muscle. Sitting on a recliner she used her hands to rub the sore spot of the calf muscle. Using a kneading and pinching motion with her fingers, BRS attempted to coax out the tension.

She tweeted about the issue: Ouches! My trainer made me do way too many lunges and now my calf is super sore 🙁.

She took a hot bath. While BRS normally considered baths just a vehicle for cleanliness and relaxation, she had heard that the heat of the water could help to relieve stiffness in her muscles.

She allowed her stylist on the property. Unable to relax and in no mood to talk to anyone, her stylist worked her last nerve by asking if she could drop by a rack of designer dresses and bags. Luckily, BRS dug deep into her reserves of grace and charm and granted her stylist entrance.

BRS stretched out her calf muscle. Flexing her foot, she leaned forward and forcing her muscle to stretch. The pain was present, but felt good almost.

She sunned herself out by the pool. After BRS’s stylist pushed her to the edge, all BRS could tweet was, I just want to lay out. So lay she did.

She rubbed her sore calf with a muscle relaxing ointment, found in her dad’s bathroom. Subsequent tweet: Ickies! My calf hurts so much I’m using grossness found in my dad’s bathroom!


BRS headed off to Malibu where another masseuse awaited her who could see her immediately. Before stopping in, she sat in some damp sand in the Malibu beach and admired the butt print she made in the sand. And that made it all better.