Super Mario 3D Land Gets Leaked Power-up

An ability your younger years would have adored…

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Super Mario 3D Land

The image above was leaked and scooped up by Nintendo World Report. We first saw it on the creator owned and operated blog. We won't lie, a good friend of ours runs the place and sports a seemingly unending knowledge of Nintendo.

While not 100% confirmed, the boomerang power-up suit that Mario is wearing up top is rumored to be making an appearance in Super Mario 3D Land, the upcoming Nintendo 3DS exclusive. Nintendo World Report claims to have snagged it as Nintendo unintentionally posted the shot. We're going to believe it's real based entirely on the look. If you've ever seen official Nintendo assets from this most recent generation, you'll recognize that the boomerang get-up fits the bill.

As Matt Green, the writer at PressTheButtons, points out, this is not actually the first time Mario has rocked a boomerang in gameplay. Green indicates that Super Mario Advance 4 had a never released e-Reader expansion card set that actually featured a take on this boomerang power-up. The give credence to his claims, Green tossed out this video clip:

Super Mario 3D Land is set to ship on November 13th.