Marvel’s New Point One Teasers

Another look at Marvel's big 2012 game-changer.  Are the Avengers joining the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Point One

We've seen a lot of teasers so far for Marvel's Point One, which is supposed to set the stage for huge events in 2012.  Here's the blurb from the House of Ideas.

"The foundation of 2012 is here! Kicking off in Point One #1, by the biggest names in the industry, fans can get the inside track to the hottest new series, the return of fan-demanded characters and a teaser that will leave jaws on the floor…demanding more! With legendary artist Adam Kubert and rising star artist Nick Bradshaw providing awe inspiring covers, no fan can miss Point One #1 – this November!"

Check out these new images from Point One, from Kubert and Bradshaw.  Kubert's image makes it seem like the Avengers might be joining Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy, judging by that Dr. Strange outfit… although that sure looks like Ultimate Hawkeye… and is that Ultron?  Then there's the Bradshaw image, which features a lot of classic looks for characters, and Johnny Storm's presence would seem to indicate some flashbacks or timeline-jumping going on.  What the heck's going on?  We have to wait a month to find out.


Point One Kubert


Point One Bradshaw