It’s Eduardo Noriega vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘The Last Stand!’

The Governator will take on a sexy new villain in his comeback role.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback already feels like old news, and it hasn't even happened yet. Months and months of speculation and news about his latest projects make him feel like part of the Hollywood firmament once again, although we're over a year away from seeing his first big new film, The Last Stand, which just cast it's Big Bad. This time, Schwarzenegger is the only thing that stands between the Mexican border… and Eduardo Noriega.

Yes, Eduardo Noriega.

You probably don't know him.

You should. The talented Spanish actor has appeared in such great films as Guillermo del Toro's The Devil's Backbone, Open Your Eyes (the Spanish film upon which Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky was based), Vantage Point and most recently Blackthorn, the spiritual sequel to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which we reviewed and quite liked him in. Variety reports that Noriega will be playing Cortez in The Last Stand, alongside his villainous lackey played by Peter Stormare.

Good casting here. Noriega is young, sexy and charismatic. Most importantly young, at least for this kind of role. It was probably tempting to cast a Joaquim de Almeida type for this kind of drug czar role, but with Schwarzenegger in the lead role The Last Stand is already skewing pretty old to begin with. The recent addition of Zach Gilford to the cast helps take the curse off of that, too.

CraveOnline will be back with more The Last Stand news, as long as the X-Men aren't involved…