Former Role Models

Once adored by kids, now abhorred by parents. What happened? 

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

How many times have you seen a celebrity shrug with swagger and dig their high-heeled pump into the ground, saying something to the effect of “Don’t try and make me into a role model”? Yep, me too. It’s not fun to be a role model; role models can’t fall down drunk in airports, give lap dances in hot tubs while singing the macarena and snort a line of cocaine off a Thanksgiving turkey.

I have to say, I’m a little disheartened by the fact that Hilary Swank attended the birthday party of Chechen President Akhamd Kadyrov, a nice fellow who employs creative and diplomatic measures like torture, kidnappings and beheadings as a means of justice and exercising his control.

Hilary?! I’m so disappointed.

UPDATE: Now she's "apologized" for attending the party. Because that's what you can do regarding human rights violations, apologize. That's like apologizing for being the dog sitter for Hitler. But we jest of course, she probably had no idea who this guy was when she attended his party. Although that's somehow worse. 

To me she was a role model for lots of kids, beating her disadvantaged childhood and reaping success in hard to handle Hollywood. Just when I think a celebrity is someone my grandma would raise her knitting needle to in approval, they go and do something like that. Let’s revisit some other former role models. It doesn’t matter if the spotlight of fame illuminated them in the eyes of kids everywhere, they’ve gone to the point of no return.

Mel Gibson

Ouch. Ugh. Ick. Why? Mel Gibson was someone that I would’ve trusted my child with (if I had a child). Now, I wouldn’t get into the same elevator as him. And that puppet could've looked cute. Now… I jsut want him to put down the puppet.

Miley Cyrus

Okay, you can say that Salvia is not a big deal and totally legal, but the image of her childlike face and lips wrapped around a bong is forever ensconced in my mind. It was like watching a puppy try to smoke a joint.

Jodie Sweetin

Oh come on, we all watched the show. I know you all have seen at least one episode. One minute she’s protesting the unfairness of an 8pm bedtime for all the world to see on Full House, the next minute she’s fostering a meth addiction that lasted around two years. What happened? Where was Uncle Jessie?

Chris Brown

Aka, the walking miracle– amazing he still has a job in the show business. Now that was one artist who I said, “Seems like a nice kid.” Cue the axe. Really should be a warning sign of how anyone in the spotlight should have dual-weekly visits to a shrink.