Microsoft Buys Twisted Pixel

Twisted Pixel is now officially part of the family.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Microsoft has announced today that they have bought developer Twisted Pixel. The development house that has created such titles as ‘Splosion Man (and it’s Ms. variety), The Maw, Comic Jumper and most recently The Gunstringer is now officially a member of the Microsoft family.

Now before you start freaking out, know that Twisted Pixel and Microsoft have been deeply integrated since the studios’ inception in 2006. Hell, all the titles listed above, which encompass the studios’ last few years of work, were all titles developed for Microsoft, whether for Xbox Live Arcade or Microsoft Kinect. So just because Twisted Pixel is now officially under the Microsoft umbrella, don’t expect a whole lot to change.

Twisted Pixel is aiming to be just as wacky and off the wall as usual with their projects, which Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer guaranteed in an interview with Joystiq about the acquisition.

“I can go through the list of studios we’ve worked with. I can honestly say we’ve become better at working with partners and keeping them what they are,” admitted Spencer.

“In the beginning, it was ‘everybody’s got to move to Redmond, kind of integrate completely into the Microsoft process,’ and that doesn’t always work for every culture. I think you have to keep to the core of ‘What is this partnership about?’”

Well, if I’m taking a crack at what this partnership means for Microsoft, it’s all about securing the exclusivity of one of the best downloadable and Kinect title developers out there. Not only has Twisted Pixel developed some of the most well-received Xbox Live Arcade games, but they have arguably created one of the only good Kinect titles in The Gunstringer. Microsoft was wise to lock them down.

For Twisted Pixel, this merger means job security and feeling loved for their years of hard work. Awww.