Historectomy Episode 7 “Satan Satan Satan!” with Anton LaVey

The Church of Satan, NOT brought to you by Major Booksellers, CRAVE Online, or Historectomy! ...wait...

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

Get to know the man who created The Church of Satan! He wasn't such a bad guy, he enjoyed playing the organ, running away to the circus, and sacrificing goats to the Devil. His name was Anton LaVey, we are Historectomy, and welcome to an October full of delicious and macabre characters!




Also in this episode: the importance of names, what being a "cage boy" really means, the career of Raging Ric Steve Martin, hot starlet Marlyn Monroe's little known walk on the darkside, McManus and Conner the hottest cops San Fran, Scary Stories haunted all of our dreams, the lamest mutant power in history, preferred ways of spreading your ashes, why Full House would've been more interesting as Black House, and the one place in San Francisco you can never EVER visit.



Due to a technical error, you'll have to wait a little longer for The Death of Edgar Allen Poe, but all this month we'll have our best Halloween material coming right at you. BOOOOO!


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