New 52 Creator Shuffles: Gail Simone Quits Firestorm?

News about some creative team shifts in DC's New 52 raise some eyebrows.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Fury of Firestorm #3

We've already heard that Scott McDaniel has been replaced by Marc Bernardin on Static Shock, Andy Kubert will be hopping aboard Action Comics for a couple of issues, and there have been rumors of discontent behind the scenes here and there on DC's New 52, but today's rumor that Gail Simone has walked off of The Fury of Firestorm, which she was co-writing with Ethan Van Sciver, has reawakened that talk.

The loose chatter, believe it or don't, is that DC honcho Dan DiDio has put all his eggs into the New 52 basket, so much so that he's not only writing a title (O.M.A.C.), but he's micromanaging everyone else's work as well. 

Simone, an active Twitterer, hasn't confirmed or denied this yet, as is understandable, as she's still solidly on Batgirl and would probably like to keep that job.  But it wouldn't be surprising, as she'd mentioned months ago that she was brought on board this title and had to be convinced to do it in the first place, but then really got into it.  Maybe she didn't get far enough into it to overcome editorial differences.  She's not at New York Comic-Con, so she won't have to comment at all, but the DC panels should sure be interesting once again – especially if the Batgirl of San Diego, avenger of sexism, makes her way here to take umbrage over Catwoman and Starfire.

EDIT:  Looks like the Batgirl won't be there, but she's still talkin' 'bout comics.  And we've just learned that J.T. Krul is off Green Arrow, to be replaced by Ann Nocenti.

Stay tuned to our NYCC coverage for more when the show starts tomorrow.