NYCC ’11 – Prototype 2 Preview

Has this sequel changed enough to be awesome?

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Prototype 2

We actually can't answer the lead-in question above yet. We were fans of the original Prototype, but recognized some of its major faults. Looking back on the game today, considering its occasionally fussy controls, simplistic mechanics and humdrum looks, the Radical Entertainment team has a fair bit of work to do to make this sequel shine.

Prototype launched in 2009. Prototype 2 is set for April 24th, 2012. With essentially three years in the can, this game should look and play even better than the original.

We were presented with a single campaign mission for our brief NYCC demo. We were told to protect a church from several waves of military-esque baddies. We fought rocket-wielding soldiers, tanks and helicopters. The whole thing lasted, maybe, 20 minutes. So, while we do have some quick impressions, we can't tell you whether or not this property looks changed enough to be awesome.

Graphically? It still felt a little flat to me. That could change, given the fact that I saw a single area during a single time of day, but Prototype 2 still looks dull and red. The explosions and gore effects were top-notch, but the environment of this area of the city was bland.

Mechanically, where running and combat happen, Prototype 2 feels much sturdier than before. There wasn't a single time during the demo that I felt like the game wasn't responding to my control. I was able to fight enemies quickly, take weapons effectively and run up walls easily. It felt great.

The only part that made me cringe during the entire demo was the voice acting on the part of the enemy soldiers. It sounded really, really, really cheesy. That may be such a minor problem in the overall work that will be Prototype 2, however, so don't go assuming that this will break the game's juju.

We walked away from the booth excited for what's to come. We do have questions, though, regarding all that's changed between 2009 and 2012, but we're confident a lot of things have been addressed. The controlling issues being dealt with is huge news.