Vids We Love: My Drunk Kitchen

She’s a scamp with an open container and a frying pan. 

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

For those of you who have ever googled “drunk chef” or “drunken chef” you will find a host of videos that are pretty damn subpar. Squeegee-esque Americans running around their kitchens trying to make food, recording every moment of the “hilarious” thoughts and remarks that come to them when they’re drunk.  I’m drunk and I’m cooking so American must see me in all my merriment!

Enter Hannah Hart. The Messiah of drunk cooking. I would love to call her “adorable” because she is, but there’s something so SMART about her comedy and the way that she edits her videos that makes the word “adorable” seem patronizing and slightly backhanded. So I’m content to just call her a rascal/mastermind/pixie who gloriously indulges in the devil liqueur.

Watch her videos as she tells you to “butter yo shit” or watch her impishly yet brusquely bite into a wad of sourdough bread and then spit it out on camera.




In this video we see Hannah drink chilled wine and tell us, “Guys, it’s summertime, that basically means a time of moisture and defeat.” She climbs up on the stove in her bare feet like an agile monkey. But all monkeys are agile.


“Ooh, look guys, it’s perfect. It’s the perfect mimosa.” No, those lines aren’t funny when I write them, but they’re funny when she says them. “At brunch people whine about problems that aren’t actually problems, so let’s do a little bit of that.” Watch and learn.

Observe Hannah tackle the oven and the challenges of measuring butter as she overcomes the drudgery of baking with her trusty champagne and some bespectacled guy who flits in and out.


Hannah, drunks and cooks appreciate you around the world; keep making vids!