The Weekly Crave Wrap-Up – 10/14/11

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Silas Lesnickby Silas Lesnick

The New Immortals TV Spot

Tarsem Singh's take on Greek mythology hits theaters on November 11th
Producer Jeremy Bolt on The Three Musketeers

The longtime creative partner of director Paul W.S. Anderson talks about their latest

The Lone Ranger Rides Again
Money issues have been sorted and the Johnny Depp/Gore Verbinksi reteaming is back on

A Preview of James Cameron's Titanic 3D Rerelease
A look at the converted footage that will arrive in theaters next April

Trespass Director Joel Schumacher
A video interview with the director of the Nicolas Cage/Nicole Kidman film

Watch The Phantom Menace 3D Trailer Before Three Musketeers
Episode One returns to theaters next year with an added dimension

Len Wiseman on the 'Total Recall' Remake
On rebuilding the futuristic world of Philip K. Dick

Nacho Vigalondo on 'Extraterrestrial,' 'Supercrooks' and More!
The "Timecrimes" director talks about his upcoming projects

WE CAN FIX IT: 'Scream 4'
A look at what went wrong with the latest entry in the Wes Craven franchise

New 'Man of Steel' Set Pics: Superman Looks Like Wolverine
Henry Cavill loses his shirt on the set of the Zack Snyder reboot

Aaron Eckhart Talks I, Frankenstein
The actor promises lots of makeup, but maybe not the kind we're expecting

Cast & Director Discuss The Thing
The people responsible for the new prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter film

John Murdy on The Thing Maze
On taking the world of both "The Thing" films and bringing them to life

Official Teaser Trailer Premiere for Darren Bousman's 11-11-11
A first look at the next project from the "Saw" franchise director

Sneak Peek Image of The Darkest Hour Comic Book
The December release features a high-scale alien invasion

The Trailer For The Avengers Is Here!
Check out the first trailer for the Joss Whedon mega-ensemble

Hugh Jackman Updates on The Wolverine
The film could be shot in both PG-13 and R versions

Over 280 Photos From the New York comic Con
A look at the floor from this weekend's convention

Batman: Arkham City Launch Trailer!
The sequel to "Arkham Asylum" hits shelves next week

Patty Jenkins Confirmed to Direct Thor 2
The director of "Monster" enters the Marvel Universe