Insane Dark Souls Speed Run

Watch one gamer beat Dark Souls as if it were a game called Barbie’s Dream House Adventure...

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Dark Souls is an incredibly hard game. I’ve made no attempts to mask that fact. Hell, I’ve logged over 7 hours into the title and have only gotten a hair past the game’s tutorial. Yes, I’m being serious. That’s why this seven-part video series is so damn impressive. One gamer has managed to speed run Dark Souls in roughly an hour and a half.

Granted, he sprints past most enemies, keeping his eyes on the prize by b-lining it to the end game, but still, this is quite the feat. My only question: how many hours did he pump into the game to learn every route and enemy position? Maybe that offsets the haste with which he finishes the game in the below video.