The Force Is Strong With 7 Jedi Pets

Luke, we're gonna have company... and they're adorable.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If you can train a kid to be a Jedi, why not the kid’s pet hamster? This is the big Star Wars question that went unanswered in the recently released Blu-Ray edition of the series, apart from “did George Lucas really need to f*** with more classic scenes?” Give a spotlight, we will, to Yoda’s favorite animals. Surprised, you will be, at their ability to hold lightsabers in their mouths and paws…


Jedi Kitten Battle

They have a high amount of midi-cuddlians.


Jedi Dog Battle

Who wants to be on the council? Yes, you do! Yes, you do! Good Jedi…


Jedi Turtle Battle

Aren’t they a little short to be shelltroopers?


Jedi Bird

New strategy: let the birdie win.


Jedi Fish

Admiral Ackbar’s cousin, perhaps?


Dramatic Jedi Hamster

Darth Vader’s right behind you!


Jedi Ferret

And we’re done here.


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