Top 5 Most Disappointing Fantasy Football Players

Tackling the five biggest studs who turned duds through the first six weeks.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

5. Michael Vick, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Many people may be looking at Michael Vick on this list and be giving me a not so nice version of WTF! Vick has posted solid numbers this season with over 1500 passing yards, over 300 rushing yards, and 9 touchdowns and has had 3 weeks where he scored over 20 fantasy points in standard leagues. But, and there always is one of these, Vick was a top 5 draft choice in many leagues and usually the first QB taken off the board so that puts him in a much higher bracket of expectations than what he has shown so far. With his inability to stay upright combined with his 8 interceptions, Vick has went from potential stud to an average start and considering many Vick owners could have had Aaron Rodgers, well, you get my point.


4. Chad Ochocinco, WR New England Patriots

One of the most talked about acquisitions this offseason was New England getting Chad Ochocinco from the Cincinnati Bengals. Ochocinco was supposed to be the vertical threat that QB Tom Brady was lacking and while Chad wasn't a projected first rounder in any fantasy drafts, he was considered a heavy sleeper based on what Brady did with Randy Moss. Unfortunately, Ochocinco has taken his declining skills that were fast becoming evident in Cincy and degraded even farther with the Pats. For the season Chad has only 9 receptions for 136 yards, otherwise known as cut fodder for owners.


3. Reggie Wayne, WR Indianapolis Colts

A top five receiver from a year ago, many people drafted Wayne within the first two rounds despite him not having Peyton Manning chucking him the ball. After posting a solid game 1 with 16 points, however, Wayne soon became irrelevant and dropped in the rankings fast with five straight weeks scoring 7 points or fewer. At best, he is a number 3 receiver after posting only 390 yards and 1 score through 6 games.


2. Peyton Hillis, RB Cleveland Browns

Is it the Madden curse striking again or has reality finally caught up with RB Peyton Hillis? After being one of the huge stories of a year ago when he shocked the NFL with his power running, soft hands, and huge arms, Hillis has turned back into an ugly duckling this season so far. His scoring through six weeks looks like this; 8, 21, 0, 6, 0, 1, mainly thanks to nagging injuries that are keeping him from 100%. There's still a chance he could turn it around but with his hamstring being the issue, don't expect it.


1. Chris Johnson, RB Tennessee Titans

Johnson, before the season started, was an easy top 5 choice despite his holdout and the shortened offseason. Coming off of 3 straight seasons where he posted at least 1400 total yards and 10 touchdowns, Johnson was considered the safest back out there. Unfortunately for him and his owners, Johnson has shown none of the burst that propelled him to the top of the rankings in those first three seasons. Through five games (Tennessee had their bye week already) Johnson has only had 366 total yards and 1 td. The only good news for players drafting him is that he is slowly increasing his week by week fantasy points, eclipsing the double digit range in week 5 vs the Steelers. That being said, he is by far the biggest fantasy football disappointment by far this season.