Rules That Shouldn’t Be Followed Part 2

The rebellion continues...

Kyle Krinerby Kyle Kriner

Ok, so as kids we all remember being given a bunch of seemingly useless rules to follow.  Some stick with us, others don't.  Today I'm randomly reminded of one that should have never been told to us in the first place…"Make your bed when you wake up."
To some, this may seem like a great way to start the day.  It may seem productive, and give them the peace of mind they need to begin their morning.  But for the rest of us normal folks, and people who aren't in boot camp, it's completely ridiculous.  
Ok, so maybe a made bed is a bit nicer looking than a messy one.  But what does it matter?  Is my house being inspected by R. Lee Ermey while I'm at school?  Is the house up for sale?  Hell, is anyone even going to see my bedroom from now until the time I get home?  No, I highly doubt it.  Even if by some strange twist of fate, someone did go in my room, will my semi messy bed be offensive to them?  I don't believe one of the commandments tells me to make my bed upon waking up, and I don't really think anyone would even notice.  Not to mention when I get home, it's time for a quick nap anyway.  No use making the bed, I want easy access when I get there.

Seriously, who needs that?

If you have it in you to physically make your bed when you wake up, then you are some kind of freak anyway.  But on top of that, you've clearly been a bit misguided on how to prioritize.  Just think, with the time you spend (waste) making your bed, you could be getting an extra couple minutes of sleep, getting a jump on some forgotten homework, or getting a head start on beating that hangover.  Making the bed hardly seems like something I need on my to do list when life is already dishing so much out to me.  But again, this is just another example of parents and their overactive control issues.
But it all begs the question; where did this rule originate from?  Clearly from someone who had too much time on their hands.  I bet the Amish have plenty of time for making beds in the morning, since they don't have to beat morning traffic to get to work.  Let alone having a TV to turn on, an internet to surf, or anything else going on whatsoever.  So I guess we're blaming the Amish…I don't know.

Is this really that bad?  Looks like fun to me.

So in closing, if no one is going to see your room but you, make your bed whenever you feel like it.  If you're not in military boot camp, make your bed whenever you feel like it.  If you're not Amish, make your bed whenever you feel like it.  This is all just a matter of taste.  Your bed should be a reflection of you, and should make you comfortable.  Who cares what your parents think?