Never Sleep At A Party

A visual demonstration of why it’s a really bad idea to pass out.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

You’ve had a little too much to drink at the party, nobody’s talking to you and the couch is comfy. Maybe a quick nap would do you some good, right? Could be energizing! Catch a few Z’s, get up and hulk-through a few more keg stands. Well, one Reddit user shows us why you should never fall asleep, aka let you guard down, at a party:


Part One: Fall Asleep

The unsuspecting prey.


Part Two: The Games Begin

M-I-C… I “see” that you are sleeping! …K-E-Y… “Why” don’t I mess with you?


Part Three: Stackin’ Up

Definitely getting laid tonight.


Part Four: The Leaning Tower of Party

The song “Let’s Get It Started” is about this exact scenario.


Part Five: Unconscious Hoarder

This is an unconscious intervention.


Part Six: Human Katamari

If your neck is being pushed into your body like a turtle, you’ll hopefully notice.


Part Seven: You Got Junk’d

And that’s how Transformers are born.


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