NYCC 2011: Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer on ‘The Venture Bros.’

An extended cut of the 'Venture Bros.' press conference, as the creators of Adult Swim's hit series tease the fifth season and the best "Doctor Strange" movie you'll never see.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

 At this year's New York Comic-Con, Christopher McCulloch (better known as Jackson Publick) and Eric A. "Doc" Hammer arrived dressed like jet-setting hipsters as they spoke to the press for a hilarious one hour Q&A session about the fifth season of "The Venture Bros." 

And while Publick and Hammer didn't give away many spoilers, they did talk about expanding the cast of the series, their surprise about the response to the budding romance between Dean and Triana, dealing with standards & practices, whether "Venture Bros." should be topical, their hatred of "Entourage" and the secret weakness of the Elephant Man.

Also… Publick and Hammer share their (perhaps half serious) ambition to make the greatest "Doctor Strange" movie anyone has ever seen. Marvel and Disney should call them up immediately!

The best highlights from the conference are in the video below. Stick around and let us know what your thoughts about it in the comment section!