Funny Pages – Danielle Fishel Lips

The Internet is a crazy place, and these videos help, but also Danielle Fishel Lips happen.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Today seems to be a somewhat meta day on the net, as videos cover topics from video games, kickstarter and the meme ‘Meanwhile in Russia’. But hold fast because no matter how dark it may get, now matter hoe bad the video quality, or the writing is, somewhere in there you’ll find the hot-tastic plump lips of Danielle Fishel, who once played Topanga Lawrence on Boy meets World. She’s back in action and hot as Frack!

CollegeHumor  – Every penny doesn't count. (link)

Let’s get this straight, it’s my theory that everyone over at CH is on a lot of drugs and thinks their audience is on a lot of drugs.

My theory is if this video was re-cut to remove all the parts with Amir in it (ala that comic strip without Garfield) this would be an amazing video.  But let’s not dwell on whatever the hell this was and move along.

Ebaumsworld – Living With First-Person Shooter Disease (link)

In a world we people get diseases inpisred by video games I think I’d want to get that Metroid syndrome. Worst comes to worst I could play with my own boobs.

But remember folks FPSD is no joke. Though neither is this video. It seemed to have so much potential, and maybe I’ve lost my ability to laugh (I blame it on society), I mean how could I with hippies occupying wall st, and Murmur Gaddafi dead! Get off my lawn!


Dailymotion  – Meanwhile, in Russia (link)

This happened. This, is amazing. Video of the week perhaps!

Epicness. Driving Like a Boss!

Funny Or Die – Child Star Psychologist with Kiernan Shipka (link)


Kiernan Shipka's (Sally Draper on "Mad Men") takes on the role of child psychologist to some of her peers… and Danielle Fishel (Topanga on Boy Meets World) for some reason. Though it’s not so much a funny sketch as it is almost a reality sketch, I was pleased to see that Danielle Fishel is more hot than ever, so that makes everything that happened when Boy Meets World on, a ok.

Also they unveil Toddler to Tira’s wunderkind Eden Wood’s “real face”.. I was really, realy hoping for some kind of gag where she’s secretly Danny Devito. But it was actually just her face… and then the only funny line of the sketch happens. That’s how it goes on FOD.


That’s what’s trending on today’s internets, now go out there and play on a swing set, eat some pumpkin pie punch a baby, whatever it takes to get your rocks off. This is the internets and you have no excuses… also maybe get an STD test.