4th and Goal: Quarterback Changes

Taking a look at the four biggest QB changes in week 7.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With every missed completion, stalled drive, and eventual loss, you can feel the buzz coming out of the stands for a change at the premier position in football, the Quarterback. Unless you are a rare team with a proven franchise level QB, or are at the top of your division, then you are hearing the boo's from the stands and the chants for (insert backup QB's name hear).

Doesn't matter what the circumstances are either, the fans want results, and if you are losing, usually the first heads to roll are the guys under center. In week 7, we could see up to 6 new QB's taking snaps across the NFL, depending on injuries, and for good or ill, the fans are going to get their wish.

Let's look at the top 4 of these Changes.


Denver Broncos

OUT: Kyle Orton

IN: Tim Tebow

Orton failed to live up to the hype of his strong preseason and no amount of trust placed in him by coach and GM was going to change the fact that without wins, there was no way to silence the shouts for Tebow. With the starting job lost, probably for good, the weight of heavy expectations falls on Tebow, for good or ill. Now that he has got the chance everyone has been clamoring for, it's up to him to make the most of it and silence critics.


Oakland Raiders

OUT: Jason Campbell

IN: Carson Palmer

The replacement of Jason Campbell was a move made out of necessity as opposed to poor play, With a broken collarbone that would likely keep Campbell out for up to 6 weeks, the Raiders, sitting at 4-2 and very much in the division hunt, couldn't afford to rely on backup Kyle Bowler to get the job done. Without more serviceable options, Oakland gave up a kings ransom to get the Bengals to budge on their no-trade stance on Carson Palmer. Now, with Palmer getting what he wanted, it's on him to show he still has something left in the tank after the last few disappointing seasons.


Minnesota Vikings

OUT: Donovan McNabb

IN: Christian Ponder

Perhaps the saddest change of the four I'm touching upon is McNabb being forced to ride pine for a rookie. Once a great QB and one of my personal favorites, McNabb has been hampered by the greatest enemy any QB could ever face, age. With his skills declining and without any real help from teammates, the Vikings were forced to make this change to Ponder. Many thought Ponder a reach when the Vikings drafted him so high in the first round so it's up to him to change some opinions. Unfortunately, he faces the defending Super Bowl champs Green Bay out of the gate.


Washington Redskins

OUT: Rex Grossman

IN: John Beck

The least surprising of the three is the Redskins going with Beck over Grossman this week. This change was almost done in the preseason but the crafty Shannahan decided that the more veteran Grossman gave them a better chance to win than the journeyman Beck. A four interception game that sent the Redskins out of first in the NFC East was enough for Shannahan to yank Grossman and insert Beck. With the Redskins still in the thick of it, they couldn't afford to give Grossman a long rope to hang himself, will the same be said for Beck? We'll see.