Vik Sahay Wears Many Hats

Vik Sahay sits down with us to talk about the diversity of his repertoire.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Vik Sahay plays a myriad of roles, from Lester Patel on the hit comedy "Chuck" to dark and edgy movie roles in "Afghan Luke." Crave had a quick convo with Sahay about what it's like working on a funny set, the (obvious) difference of living in LA versus his hometown of Ottawa, and who he looks up to in the industry.


CraveOnline – What projects are you currently working on?

Vik Sahay – I am in the middle of my fifth and final season of "Chuck" – we're about to end after 13 episodes of a fifth season so we're halfway through that. And I'll be filming a movie called "My Awkward Sexual Adventure" in Winnipeg.

There's a couple of other things in development that I shall not share yet (laughs).

CraveOnline – What's it like working on "Chuck"?

Vik Sahay –  It's always laughing on the set – it's all-too-rare to have a cast that is this close-knit. We really hang out afterwards, we cling to each other at events – it's been five years of that. It's difficult for me as someone who wants to stay in character – Lester is not a sweetheart and I want to keep that going but the emotion of it all ending has really worked against that. I love these people and it's going to be very sad at the end.

This always has to be said too: the fan support has been something I've never experienced or ever knew existed. The way they have kept the show going, the way they turned out and petitioned for it to be renewed, has been so truly moving and overwhelming – it's integral to what working on "Chuck" has been to me.

CraveOnline – Is comedy something you enjoy doing? Have people always told you that you were funny?

Vik Sahay –  I think that the comedy-type work is newish. "Chuck" has brought that to the forefront. I went to theatre school and I had a movie in TIFF that just got released called "Afghan Luke," which is quite dark and edgy. There's been a lot of comedy because of "Chuck" but I would never say that I'm a comedian. I respect those people too much to include myself in them. I'm an actor and I approach the work whether it's drama or comedy.

CraveOnline – Do you like changing roles?

Vik Sahay –  I'm very lucky to be able to do that – I just really like great material. I'm not in a position to be an architect of a career – I'm still looking for the limited amount of material for me and I'm interested in this person and character and world. I'm a big research guy so I like worlds I haven't explored yet, whether that be comedy or drama.

CraveOnline – You recently went to TIFF – was it your first TIFF experience?

Vik Sahay –  I was there with "Amal" in 2007 and that was my first time. Last year I was doing some schmoozing and this year was the second year that I was there with a film. This year it was stunning – it was a beautiful experience. I had "Afghan Luke" but I also had "Chuck," so there were interviews to do where they were interested in me speaking about the show – it's a real testament to where you are.

CraveOnline – You grew up in Ottawa and now live in LA – is that a big change?

Vik Sahay –  I think the question answers itself (laughs). I grew up in Ottawa but I wasn't an adult in Ottawa. It's a very different ballgame. Strictly speaking from an acting point of view there are similarities but it is a much larger market and a much bigger machine you're grappling with [in LA]. There are good things and tough things about that. There are very few moments walking around LA where I go, "Oh my gosh – this reminds me of Ottawa."

CraveOnline – Who's one actor or comedian you'd love to work with?

Vik Sahay –  I look up to many people in the industry, artists and people who sacrifice for their art and craft. I have many heroes, from Daniel Day Lewis to Sean Penn to Ricky Gervais – there's too many to name. It's the people who immersed themselves in the world and work who I want to meet up with on the playing field.

CraveOnline – What something people would be surprised to know about you?

Vik Sahay –  I think people would be surprised to know that I'm fiercely, viciously, ferociously private. I am a very private person and I keep my home as a bit of an oasis. I'm a bit of a hermit. I go out but I like to close the shack down and not a lot of people get inside.


Photo Credit:  Stewart Marcano