Actually, Ben Affleck is Directing ‘The Stand’

What happened to David Yates and Steve Kloves? That's a damned good question.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

There was a bit of a shakeup in Hollywood this weekend, as Warner Bros. announced that Ben Affleck was their new choice to direct the latest film adaptation of Stephen King's popular novel, The Stand. This is kind of a big deal, since last we heard the film already had a director, and a writer too. Good ones. David Yates and Steve Kloves of Harry Potter fame. Guys who had a great track record of adapting epically long fantasy novels into blockbuster films. So what the heck happened?

Uh… Your guess is as good as ours.

Deadline reported that Ben Affleck is now Warner Bros. top pick for the potential tentpole release, but not that Affleck has actually accepted the gig. He's currently busy filming the Iranian hostage drama Argo, and still might occupy himself afterwards with his first-person action movie experiment Line of Sight. Affleck has proven himself a great director lately with both Oscar-nominated flicks like Gone Baby Gone and The Town, but a mammoth production like The Stand seems pretty far outside of his gritty, real world wheelhouse.

If anything, this story just confirms that David Yates hasn't accepted the gig, or at least that Warner Bros. isn't too hot on giving him the job any time soon. What happened, Warner Bros.? Didn't he make you, like, a s**t ton of money?

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