Warner Bros. Already Working on ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’

Are they trying to guilt us into seeing Sherlock Holmes 2 or what?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The last Sherlock Holmes movie came out in 2009, made quite a bit of money and earned some favorable reviews, which warranted a sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, in theaters on December 16th. But Warner Bros. isn't waiting for the actual money or critical response to come in before green lighting a third film in the franchise. We're not sure Holmes would approve. Don't you need empirical evidence to come to a reasoned conclusion? What if we decide we don't want Sherlock Holmes 3

Poppycock and balderdash, says Warner Bros. This weekend, Deadline reported that they've already hired a screenwriter to work on another Sherlock sequel, this time subtitled Better Holmes and Gardens. Or, more likely, not subtitled that. We're just guessing, just like Warner Bros. is guessing that prepping a sequel before the latest movie has even come out is a good idea.

You know, Disney green lit a sequel to Real Steel way back in April, back when the film seemed like a sure thing. It probably made sense at the time. The film was actually really good and had obvious franchise potential, but that was months before the film actually opened and grossed an anemic $67 million in its first three weeks at the box office (with a slightly more respectable but still underwhelming $153 million internationally). That's probably what they expected to make opening weekend. They might be wishing they'd held their horses a bit, is all we're saying.

Either way, Drew Pearce – a screenwriter on another upcoming Robert Downey Jr. movie, Iron Man 3 – has been tapped to write the next Sherlock Holmes flick, just in case this next one works out. Pearce is also doing some work on Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming giant robots vs. giant monsters action epic Pacific Rim. So he's got that going for him too.

CraveOnline will be back with more Sherlock Holmes news, since the game is apparently afoot.