Matt Lauer Pulls a Tom Cruise

Matt Lauer shows his vanity and rears his ugly head. Yikes. Look out!

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

Who can forget years ago on the Today show when Tom Cruise berated Matt Lauer about not knowing the history of psychiatry and the composition of certain prescription drugs such as Ritalin? He famously accused Matt of being “glib.” More than anything, Tom Cruise did a service to teachers everywhere as he brought glib back into widespread vocabulary usage.

In the “interview” you see Matt Lauer hold up to Tom Cruise’s barrage of… theory, I guess you could say. At the same time, he looks increasingly uncomfortable.

Here's the clip if you'd like a blast from the sordid past!


Well for those of you who watched the Today Show this morning, you got to see Matt Lauer pull a Tom Cruise as he makes Ben Still look seriously uncomfortable on his show. Essentially, Matt Lauer talks to Ben Stiller and cross examines him about Tower Heist (which he has a tiny cameo part in).  Apparently, Matt was pissed that they shortened his clip and thought that it would not be appropriate to gently mention this to Ben during the commercial break. He thought it would be better to get all up in his jock about it on the air.

Watching this clip, I FELT uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.                              

Here's the transcript before you watch:

ML: Okay, so last year I was asked to do a little scene from this movie. It happened to be on Thanksgiving Day, which is a National Holiday, did you know that?

(Translation: My time is very valuable.)

BS: Oh right, yeah.

(Translation: Where are you going with this?)

ML: And I dedicated all of my Thanksgiving last year to shooting this film, plus, forget the preparation the days before.

(Translation: I’m a very important person.)

BS: Right. Right.

(Translation: Oh God, you’re going to try and take me down.)

ML: I’m going to play you the entire scene as it plays in your movie.

(Translation: Buckle up, bucko.)

BS: Right.

(Translation: Oh God, here we go.)

~Plays clip~

BS: That’s charming. That’s beautiful.

ML: It’s not charming. Here’s the, here’s the problem I have. It’s not the whole, the fact that it’s only 20 seconds long. Why didn’t you cover me for the first 18 and a half seconds of the whole 20 seconds?

(Translation: why didn’t I get more screen time?)

BS: Well I didn’t direct the movie… and he probably just took… the best stuff… and you know…

(Translation: This is out of my control. Why are you even asking me?)

ML: The last two seconds? It’s like a frame and 13 seconds.

(Translation: I’m vain and self-obsessed)

BS: Well it’s all about the editing choices Matt, you know?

(Translation: Please drop this.)

ML: Do you have Brett Ratner’s cell phone number? He directed this, right?

(Translation: I’m going to try to make this funny.)

BS: Yeah, he’s probably on it right now.

(Translation: My friends and I are going to get together and talk about what a tool you are.)

ML: What is he like to work with?

(Translation: I have sufficiently made you uncomfortable. I will now seamlessly change the subject.)

Here's the actual clip for your perusal. This awkward moment starts at 2:42.


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