Reuse Your Underwear!

Multiple uses! Self empowerment!

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

Once when I was in the elevator of my college dorm, a guy told me that he hadn’t done laundry in six months. I said, “Damn, you must have a lot of underwear.” He said, “No, actually, I just know how to reuse my boxers.” He began to explain that with each pair of boxers he’d wear it once, air them out on the floor of his dorm room for a day or so, and then wear them again, but backwards this time. The pair would then be turned inside out and this cycle repeated—giving him a total of four wears per pair of boxers. He said he could even elongate this is he hung them on a hook outside his room’s window—the fresh air and sunlight would give him a couple more wears out of each pair. I know, inspiring.

Somewhat revolting and gag inducing (especially if he’s your roommate or Saturday night date), but inspiring none the less. Though perhaps it’s more entertaining to a young lady, more than another dude.

I’ve got a similar (and I think less icky) story. One time I absolutely needed a hair band to tie back my hair into a pony tail. Something about the sweltering heat and me needing to run for my life away from a crazy, axe-wielding maniac. So I needed that hair band. I couldn’t find any—nor could  I find rubber bands, string, dental floss—nothing to substitute. So. I used a thong. I gathered my hair into a ponytail and wrapped a (clean) thong around it.   

So I’d like to inspire men to that same type of Martha Stewart-ism. Have a pair of old boxers with holes that are threadbare? Think twice before you chuck!

Cut off the elastic waistband and use it as a headband! Take a page out of my book! What would you, the dude, need a headband for? Perhaps to keep the sweat from dripping down your face when you run or play tennis!

Cut out a square and use it as a coaster! Or a mini handkerchief!

Have plants? Wrap your boxers around the pots! Why? It looks neat, I think.

Use your boxers to stuff under the cracks of your bathroom door when you smoke in there. (hey, you never know!)

Cut vertical slits down the sides and let your dog or cat use it as a blanket in her bed. I’m sure your furry friend will be happy to smell you as they sleep.

Bring your underwear to concerts to throw at your favorite performer on stage. There’s always that.