Taking A Look At Micro Championship Wrestling

Hulk Hogan's latest endeavor doesn't run short on entertainment.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Hulk Hogan, one of society's most recognizable sports-entertainment icons, may be getting up their in years but that hasn't slowed him down any as he continues to keep his name out there for any who follow him to see. For the rowdy, flamboyant wrestler/actor, it's about living life to it's fullest and maximizing his potential, two traits that he has emphatically emphasized in his illustrious career.

An expert at both entertainment and wrestling, Hogan has turned those talents back to the airwaves with the arrival of Micro Championship Wrestling to TruTV. Starting back in September, this new reality series that features Hogan mentoring a Florida-based group of “midget” wrestlers (little people is the politically correct term here but I use midget because that is actually the term preferred by the wrestlers) has slowly been gaining steam in the eyes of the public.

The key ingredient to the rising popularity of Micro Championship Wrestling is in how the show is being packaged. Hogan, a reality tv veteran, decided to break away from all the scripted storylines that other wrestling shows feature and give the viewer a glimpse into the everyday lives of these wrestlers as well as the in-ring action. The combination of the two gives the viewer a finished product that is very compelling, real and entertaining.

"We get to see how they handle normal-sized doors and cars, as well as watching them deal with their wives or helping their kids doing their homework," Hogan said.

The inspiration for this style of show, Hogan said, was found back in his wrestling days when he would travel with his good friend Andre the Giant. Andre, at 7-4, faced a variety of issues due to his size and those problems stuck with Hogan throughout the years. While the size proportions between Andre and his current crop of wrestlers may be vast, the problems faced by the two are similar.

"I spent 20 years around Andre the Giant and he couldn't sit in a first class seat," Hogan said. "People would walk behind him in the airport and you'd hear comments. They'd say cruel things.

"In these guys' cases, you might see one go into a hotel lobby front desk and the clerk can't see them."

The hope of these wrestlers, with Hogan aboard, is that they may someday make it big-time. In fact, Hogan has expressed that two particular wrestlers have the potential to be huge stars one day. One is a 65-pound wrestler named "Blixx" while the other is a 292-pounder properly named "Meatball". They, like everyone involved in this organization, has been following around Hogan and absorbing every bit of knowledge they can.

"Whatever [Hogan] tells you, it's wisdom," Meatball told HuffPost Weird News. "For instance, I love heavy metal music and I play air guitar when I come out on stage. He told me that it's OK to play it up, but know when to cut it off."

Micro Championship Wrestling may just be a short fad or it may be the next big thing but whichever the outcome, these men and women should be given credit for the amount of heart and hard work they have put into their sport of choice.

Currently, only three episodes have been aired on TruTV, all of which can be viewed on their website.