Juan Manuel Marquez Fighter Blog Week 2

Juan Manuel Marquez talks about the rivalry between two boxing nations.

Juan Manuel Marquezby Juan Manuel Marquez

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Can you talk about the rivalry between Mexico and Philippines when it comes to boxing? Why is so big? How important is it to perform for your countrymen that always lend their unwavering support?


Juan Manuel Marquez –

“I don’t believe there is a big rivalry between our countries yet. Mexico and the Philippines are coming along with some good fighters at different weight classes and with some many good boxers from both countries it could turn out into a big rivalry in the near future.”
“In both our countries boxing is very important and our fans give us a lot of support. Every time we get in the ring we both have all of our countryman supporting us and we want to give them the victory at all cost. We put everything on the line each and every time we step into that ring. Look at the first two fights between Manny and I. We fought twenty four hard rounds and never gave up. This fight will be the same as I will give it my all to win, as I know will Manny.”
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Photo Credit:  HBO Sports