IDW Announces ‘True Blood’ Ongoing Series

HBO's sexy vampire show gets its own ongoing series coming in the spring of 2012.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

True Blood

Everyone loves sexy sex-having vampires and various other creatures of lore, so it makes perfect sense that IDW is going to keep giving the fans what they want.  On the heels of three limited series which started in July of 2010 (True Blood: All Together Now, True Blood: Tainted Love and the current True Blood: The French Quarter) that have all done very well for the publisher, IDW has now announced a straight-up ongoing True Blood series, due to start up in the spring of 2012.

“The comics are a great way to continue telling True Blood stories off screen,” said show creator, Alan Ball. “With this new ongoing series, Truebies will be able to find a new comic in stores every month. We’ll also have even more room to create in-depth drama and further explore the world of Bon Temps.”

Wow.  "Trubies." 

No creative team was announced for the series, but in case you're out of the loop, the collected edition of True Blood: All Together Now was a New York Times bestseller, and True Blood: Tainted Love was actually co-written by Michael McMillian – an actual actor from the HBO series – alongside Marc Andreyko.  The current French Quarter series has Sookie Stackhouse helping Eric track a killer he thought he killed with Godric 200 years ago in Paris, who may or may not be connected to a local Hep-D outbreak.

Can this comic series get as porny as the HBO series? You'll have to check in to find out.


True Blood: All Together Now


True Blood: Tainted Love


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