NBA Teams On The Verge

With the Thunder, Bulls, and Knicks all poised for breakthrough years, who will finally arrive?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

There is a new air in the NBA. Fresh faces and new blood have matured and guys like Durant and Rose are feeling like it’s their time to put some hardware on their fingers.

The Bulls look especially strong coming out of the east with a team constructed around defense and sharing the ball. Rose is as dominant and strong a 1-guard as you could as for. He both has the ability to create his shot and the uncanny ability to distribute the ball making his teammates better. If Chicago can find a 2-guard worth his salt with a outside J that fits into their defense scheme, they could win some rings. As it stands though, it’s hard to see Chicago getting past Miami.

The Thunder are lead by Durant, arguably one of the top 3 players in the game today. His ability to simply fill-it-up and create matchup nightmares with his length and ability to drain the long-ball is championship worthy. Westbrook running the 1 is a solid one-two combination in terms of scoring. The real problem with the Thunder in terms of breaking through to the next level is Westbrook’s inability to distribute the ball. He is a 1 guard that thinks shot first and pass a distant second. He does not make his teammates better, but rather looks to fill up his stat sheet. Until he learns to distribute the ball better, the Thunder will struggle to be a championship team.

Even with the All-Star heavy Miami Heat in the east, the Bulls are more likely to be going ring shopping than the Thunder who may have advanced further than they should have last year and need to workout distributing and leadership issues.