NFL Wrap-Up: Week 14 South Divisions

Texans' squeak by, Ryan unloads, and Colts blow chunks.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

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AFC South

Jacksonville (3-8): Next game Monday Dec 5th against San Diego.


New Orleans Saints 22

Tennessee Titans 17

Brees definitely worked out his arm Sunday going 36-46, 337 yards and 2 TDs, but the Titans hung tough by not turning the ball over and moving the chains themselves.  In he end though the Saints piled on 13 4th quarter points and barely edged out a well played game on both sides.


Houston Texans 20

Cincinnati Bengals 19

Yates goes 26 for 44 with yards in the air and 2 TDs as the Texans just barely squeak by the Bengals. Daniels gathers 7 of those passes for a cool 100 yards on the dot, making Houston a 10-game winning team. They don’t make it look easy and they don’t make it look pretty, but Houston continues to win.


Baltimore Ravens 24

Indianapolis Colts 10

Rice carries the ball 26 times for 103 yards and 1 TDs and Flacco goes 23-31 in the air for 227 yards and 2 TDs as Baltimore spreads the love around in their beat down of the Colts.  The ugliest team in football continues to lose, as the Colts are only able to muster 167 yards of offense.


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons 31

Carolina Panthers 23

Ryan goes 22 for 38 in the air with 320 yards and 4 TDs. Yes, 4 TDs. On top of this strong performance by Ryan, Carolina turned the ball over twice.  This meant that even with Newton tossing 276 yards in the air and 2 TDs of his own, those turnovers were too much to overcome.


Jacksonville Jaguars 41

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14

This game starts and ends with one statistic. Tampa Bay at 7 turnovers. This is not a misprint. I repeat Tampa Bay had 7 turnovers. It’s amazing Jacksonville didn’t score 80 points with so many opportunities. Honestly, Jacksonville didn’t even look that great on offense, but with 7 turnovers, I guess teams don’t have to be very productive to win.


Game of the Week

New Orleans Saints 22

Tennessee Titans 17

This was simply a great game. The Saints’ Drew Brees throws for some monster numbers going 36 for 47 in the air,  336 yards, and 2TDs, but that wasn’t even close to enough to pull away from the Titans. Tennessee made a great game of it behind Locker going for 282 yards of his own and 1 TD. Both teams played a clean game with no turnovers on either side, plus total offensive yards was a near split. The difference was a fourth quarter surge by New Orleans that tossed 13 points on the board. Prior to the fourth quarter Tennessee actually led 10 to 9.

Offensive Player of the Week

Matt Ryan- 22-38 completions, 320 yards, 34TDs: Ryan posted some great numbers this week while leading Atlanta to their 7th win. Ryan’s averaged 8.1 yards per pass and 0 INTs. His NFL rating was an amazing 120.5 for week 14. His distribution of his 38 passes to 6 different Atlanta receivers kept Carolina on their heels and unable to slow him down. His 2011 season has been consistently solid, but his week 14th performance don him the king of the South.

Defensive Player of the Week

Daniel Manning 11 Tackles, 8 Solo: When your safety has 11 tackles you might be concerned the other team is dominating you. When you’re safety makes 8 of these 11 tackles solo you are probably very concerned the other team could bust a big play in any second with one missed arm-tackle, but when you’re safety is Daniel Manning you are feeling pretty confident he won’t. Manning kept Cinci in check every time it looked like they might be able to get some real momentum going. His ability to make key tackles where big play potential was a real threat enabled the Texans win and shows why he’s not only a quick but physical safety. 

Division standings

AFC South

Houston Texans 10-3

Tennessee Titans 7-6

Jacksonville Jaguars 4-8

Indianapolis Colts 0-13


NFC South

New Orleans Saints 1–3

Atlanta Falcons 7-6

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-9

Carolina Panthers 4-9


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