DEXTER 6.11 ‘Talk to the Hand’

Dexter falls prey to Travis and Debra has some disturbing dreams about her brother.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "Talk to the Hand"

Writers: Manny Coto & Tim Schlattmann

Director: Ernest Dickerson

Previously on "Dexter":

Episode 6.10: "Ricochet Rabbit"


After calling the cops himself to leave an anonymous tip, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) "arrives" at the yacht where he killed Steven "Doomsday Adam" Dorsey while attempting to stop the next phase of Doomsday murders; which are being orchestrated and committed by Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks). Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) and her men notice that Travis has assembled materials for a poisonous gas, in addition to finding Holly's body chained to the anchor. Police intern, Louis Greene (Josh Cooke) recognizes Doomsday Adam from his videos and he tells Debra that he informed Sgt. Angel Batista (David Zayas) about the possible connection.

The problem is that Batista is currently captured by Travis and his lady accomplice, Beth Dorsey (Jordana Spiro) because Batista's partner, Detective Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington) never showed up. Quinn fields a frantic call from Debra and starts speeding over to Dorsey's home. At the same time, Travis coaches Beth on how to activate the canister of poison gas… and to target Debra and the rest of Miami Metro by using Angel's key card. After Beth leaves, Travis gives Batista time to pray before he is murdered. Fortunately, Quinn finally pulls up and saves Batista. But Travis gets away.

At Miami Metro, Beth gets past a security door and asks to see Debra. When she learns that Debra isn't there, Beth sits down to patiently await her return. As they wait for news on Travis, Debra admits to Dexter that she's uncovered proof that their superior, Deputy Chief Tom Matthews (Geoff Pierson) was with the call girl who died of an overdose. Dexter tells her to reserve judgement until speaking with Matthews and to refocus on the DDK case. Back at the police station, Dexter lightly glances at Beth before going online to research her husband. Beth finally gets her meeting with Debra and she activates the gas canister as they walk to Debra's office.

Meanwhile, Dexter recognizes Beth from one of Doomsday Adams' online photos. Dexter then races towards Beth and shoves her into an interview before Debra can barely register what happened. Debra evacuates the building while Dexter holds the door shut until Beth vomits blood and dies. Debra then gets Dexter out of the building, but he was partially exposed to the gas. The paramedic tells Dexter that he should live, but add that he may experience dizziness and nose bleeds if he exerts himself. Dexter promises Debra that he will check himself into a hospital, but instead he arranges for Jamie (Aimee Garcia) to check into a hotel with his son, Harrison.

While watching TV, Travis is dismayed that only Beth was killed during the "Wormwood" sacrifice. Regardless, he resolves to move forward with the next sign, the lake of fire. At dinner with Matthews, Debra gets him to admit that he was with the dead call girl, but he pleads for a favor based upon his long history with Debra. Later, Debra's therapist puts forth the idea that she may love Dexter as more than just her brother and even notes that they aren't related by blood. Debra is offended by the line of questioning and she walks out. But she later has a romantic dream… about Dexter! (I think I just threw up… a lot!)

Meanwhile, Dexter uses Gellar's severed hand to deface a museum statue to get Travis' attention and muddle the DDK message. When the police find the scene, they learn that Gellar is dead and they assume that Travis has been murdering his accomplices. Travis is badly shaken by the news reports on the incident. To top it off, Dexter sends Travis a taunting video with the name of his boat clearly visible behind him. Travis is so incensed that he changes a few brushstrokes on his latest painting and suddenly, Dexter is the new face of the devil! (WTF?!) At Miami Metro, Matthews blindsides Debra and accuses her of ratting him out to his bosses, who will soon force him out.

However, Debra realizes  that it can only be the work of the second most evil person in Miami, Captain Maria LaGuerta (Lauren Velez); who gleefully tells Debra this is how the game is played… and that she plans to keep Debra under her thumb from now on. That night, Dexter sees Travis attempting to sneak up on him while Dexter waits on the boat next to it. Unfortunately, the symptoms of the nerve gas catch up to Dexter and Travis is easily able to subdue him. Dexter awakens chained to a life boat while Travis pours gasoline on the water and taunts Dexter about God's will. Then Travis ignites the water, fulfilling his Lake of Fire sign and seemingly killing Dexter.

Except Dexter somehow managed to free himself before Travis sailed away in his boat. And Dexter soon realizes that he has no idea where he is in the Ocean.


This season of "Dexter" keeps getting crazier and crazier. But it's not getting any better.

In my wildest imagination, I never thought that "Dexter" would ever get to the point where it even hinted at a romance between Debra and Dexter. Yes, they're not actually blood related in the show or in real life, but that doesn't mean it isn't the creepiest thing ever. If Debra actually pursues this… then for once in her life, Dexter isn't the deviant one in their relationship..

This could be the ultimate shark jump on a season that's practically been jumping the entire way. What are the writers thinking?! This isn't some ABC primetime soap opera!

It's also amazing how the writers have dragged the DDK storyline kicking and screaming throughout the entire season to draw out the events until next week's finale. That is not a very well paced story. And ever since Travis went completely cockoo for cocoa puffs he's not even slightly amusing any more. The only hilariously WTF moment from Travis came when he made the Devil's face resemble Dexter on his painting.



I could actually get behind a story that insane if it had more moments of dark humor like that. Instead, the DDK case has been pretentious and boring. At this rate, I welcome the end of the world… or at least the end of the current season of "Dexter."

It's also amazing how sloppy Dexter has become. Last week, Dexter left an anonymous 911 call without disguising his voice and this week he sent Travis a video message that would screw Dexter's career if it ever fell into the wrong hands. Oh yes… and he also let Travis escape with his beloved "Slice of Life" boat. All of which are things that seem destined to come back and haunt Dexter… if the writers actually follow through with the corner that they've written him into.

Not that Travis is any better of a villain than Dexter is a hero. If Travis was a remotely capable antagonist, both Batista and Dexter should have died. It literally seemed like the only thing that saved them from death at Travis' hands was their main character status… and rampant stupidity on Travis' part. I can understand why Dexter can't be killed off, but there's no reason that Batista should have lived through that ordeal.

However, if I could eliminate one character from "Dexter," it would easily be Captain LaGuerta. She was largely minimized this season, but her pending promotion suggests that LaGuerta will continue to be a thorn in the side of Debra and viewers alike.

The one thing I really enjoyed about this episode was Dexter's heroic takedown of Beth and her attempt to gas the police station. Although in retrospect, that seemed to be the moment that Debra really fell for him and it also set up the sudden onset of nose bleeds and dizziness that seemed like an obvious way to make sure that Travis walked away yet again. Was there anyone who didn't see that coming?

At this point, it would take one hell of a miracle to redeem this season of "Dexter." And I'm not sure it can get any crazier than this.

Crave Online Rating: 6 out of 10.