Top 5 DC #7 Issues To See

DC has released the cover solicitations for the #7 issues of the New 52 - here are five at which you should take a look-see.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Action Comics #7

One fun thing about DC's New 52 initiative is that it's easier to keep track of what issue you're on of each particular series, since they're all the same.  If you can remember one, you can remember them all (not counting, of course, the belated launches of Huntress, My Greatest Adventure, The Shade, etc., but let's not nit-pick).

Come this March, the #7 issues of DC's various New 52 titles will be hitting the stands, and they've shown us a bunch of cover images for these books now.  Here, we'll single out five of these issues you might want to check out.


Action Comics #7


The kicker with this one is that if you skip the next two issues of this re-telling of Superman's origins, you won't have missed any of this story.  Action Comics #4 ended with Metropolis in a bottle… and apparently, we've got a two-issue interlude of something else going on before we get to see Superman figure out how to reverse what the Terminauts have done.


Justice League #7



After six issues, the origin story of the world's premiere superteam is finished, and Geoff Johns jumps to the present-day version of the Justice League, with art from Gene Ha and Gary Frank replacing Jim Lee's work.  This issue also gives us the start of the back-up story The Curse of Shazam, which will finally reveal just where Billy Batson fits into the DCnU.


Batgirl #7



Gail Simone is revisiting The Killing Joke.  We probably don't need to tell you any more than that to get you hooked into this one, but apparently, this issue will reveal a side to that iconic story that has never been told before.  Is this where the secrets of her past are revealed?  Has Oracle ever existed in the DCnU?  We're dying to know.


Green Lantern #7


Regardless of your feelings on how the flagship GL title has been so far in following the awkward team of Hal Jordan and Sinestro, fans of the "Skittle Corps" rainbow of different Lanterns are going to want to check into this one, because Geoff Johns is set to finally explore The Secret of the Indigo Tribe.  The Compassion Lanterns have been more than a bit enigmatic, but perhaps now, the mysteries will be revealed.


Justice League Dark #7


In the first part of a crossover with the pleasant surprise of I, Vampire #7, Zatanna, Deadman and the other magic-wielding heroes who deal with ugly mystic dangers are mobilized by Madame Xanadu to try to deal with the massive vampire uprising that has sprung up, threatening all of humanity.  And recent developments have rendered all the traditional ways of murdering a vampire moot.