Odom to Dallas

The Lakers' Lamar Odom is headed to the Mavericks.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

The Lakers abruptly pulled out of the stonewalled CP3 trade scenarios this week and decided instead to deal power-forward Lamar Odom to Dallas. On the surface it is a bit confusing as to how this helps LA charge toward another championship, but perhaps this trade is more about saving money than acquiring rings.

By trading Odom to Dallas, LA unloads his $8.9 million dollar salary and move closer to being under the luxury-tax limit. In return Dallas only gave LA their 2012 first round pic, not much for a proven asset most analysts continue to predict could breakout at any time. LA could also be trying to position themselves with enough salary room to make a run at acquiring Dwight Howard, but they’ll need a lot more money made available for that reality to come to fruition.

In response to the trade, Kobe Bryant told The Associated Press Sunday “To be honest with you, I don’t like it.”

Kobe has definitely proven over the years that he loves to win and is not afraid to whine to the press about front-office decisions he doesn’t agree with.

In the end perhaps Odom’s wife, Khoe Kardashian, said it best (Wow, never thought I’d type that) in her tweet Sunday where she said positivity is more beneficial than negativity. Well said Khloe. Hope you enjoy Texas bbq. Yeehaw!