Avengers Movie-Based Heroclix Revealed

A new poster for a Heroclix game set based on the movie versions of the Avengers has been leaked, and you can see it here.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Avengers Movie

Ever since NECA has bought WIzKids Games, the revived Heroclix product has been flying out of their production houses at a breakneck pace, and the market has never been as saturated as it's getting now.  Last week, we got a whole set based around Lord of the Rings, and this week, we get a big set themed around the Hulk.

In March and early April, we're getting the Galactic Guardians set centered around Galactus and the cosmic Marvel characters, as well as an Annihilators "Fast Forces" pack (meaning a stand-alone pack of figures which come with dice and some maps to play on).  On top of all that, a promotional poster has just been leaked for what we believe is another "Fast Forces" style pack of figures based on this year's movie version of the Avengers.

Here's the leaked poster image.

Avengers Movie Heroclix


Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, the Hulk and the Sam Jackson version of Nick Fury.  That should sell pretty well.  Keep in mind that there will also be a "Gravity Feed" set (blind, single-figure booster packs) for the Avengers movie right alongside this pack, featuring the Red Skull and Loki, and in June, there will be a full blind booster set entitled The Mighty Avengers that will likely delve deep into the comic-book lore as well. 

The point being that there's a lot of stuff coming in short order.  Some folks are complaining that it's too much and they can't afford it all, but the fact that there will be a lot of stuff on the shelves rather than having it be made rare and expensive on the secondary market is a good thing, methinks.

Yay, more Hulks!