The 5 STUPIDEST Moments In NFL History

If you thought your team did something boneheaded, thy these on for size.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Much has been said about the Dallas Cowboys past two weeks of kicking nightmares, including the icing of their own kicker by their head coach! While that play may go down as one of the most boneheaded of all time, here are five that are assuredly on that list, May you take as much enjoyment out of them as I did.


5. Aaron Brooks Backwards Pass

Back in 2004, before the Saints got Dew Brees as a QB, their chief signal caller was Aaron Brooks and while he was serviceable at times, he had his share of WTF moments. The biggest occurred during a Saints vs. Chargers game in which he dropped back for a pass, got swarmed by the Chargers, and literally threw the ball backwards. That's right, he threw a backwards pass to avoid a sack and not just a little ways backwards, but twenty yards! For those not keeping track, that's a live ball we're talking about and one of the most boneheaded moves ever seen.


4. The Play that got Lane Kiffin Fired

Remember when Lane Kiffin coached the Oakland Raiders? Yeah, it wasn't exactly a memorable time in the organizations history. While this era was filled with unforgettable moments, one play does stand out and it's the one summed up his NFL coaching career. Up 15-0 to the Chargers with 1 second left in the first half, Kiffin sent out his field goal team to attempt to get them another 3 points. A normal move, yes, except the attempt was for 76 yards!!! Needless to say, it wasn't made and Kiffin was fired a few days later.


3. Leon Lett, Double the Fun!

It's not rare for a player to make a boneheaded play but to make two that are as memorable as the ones Lett did is just something special. The one happened in SuperBowl XXVII when Lett recovered a fumble and was heading into the opposing endzone. For some reason he slowed down and held the ball out at about the five yard line, allowing a Bills player to slap it out of his hand and deny him a SuperBowl TD.

The second happened on a Thanksgiving game against the Miami Dolphins. Miami was lining up for the game winning field goal on a snowy day. Dallas blocked the kick and the ball skidded down the field, giving the Cowboys an apparent win. I say apparent because instead of just letting the ball lie and the play to end, Lett came sliding in and kicked the ball. That made it live and the Bills recovered it. They then went on to kick the winning field goal. Ouch!


2. Jim Marshall's Fumble Return

One of the most famously bad plays of all time and one seen countless times if you are a fan of the follies is the Jim Marshall fumble return. Marshall was a Vikings DB at the time and they were playing the 49ers.  The Vikings D forced a fumble at the 49ers 27 after a pass reception and Marshall scooped it up and ran for the end zone. Only thing was, he ran to the wrong endzone, tossing the ball out of bounds for a safety for San Fran after crossing the goal line. He did redeem himself later in the game, scoring in the right endzone after scooping up another fumble to win the game.


1. The Gus Ferotte Headbutt

There's been a number of celebrations that have gone horribly wrong, just ask Bill Gramatica who suffered a season ending leg injury during one of his celebrations, but the most famous belongs to former QB Gus Ferotte. Ferotte, then playing for the Redskins, got a little to wound up after scoring a touchdown and gave himself a concussion when headbutting a wall. In his defense, the wall was padded and he was wearing a helmet but, the concussion remained.