10 Darths Who Are Not Darth Vader

The force isn’t strong with any of them.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

When George Lucas created Star Wars, I’m sure he never dreamed that everyone from Disney princesses to Jesus Christ would be depicted as “Darths.” Yet here we are in “the fuuuUUUuuuture” and that is now most certainly the case. Check out some of the funniest Darths to ever wear an oversized pith helmet.


Darth Kitty

He gave himself over to the power of the dark sanrio. [via]


Darth Stewie

Victory is mine? Not in these movies.


Darth Jasmine, Darth Belle and Darth Ariel

A dream is a wish the force makes. [via]


Darth Chef

Goodbye, children…


Darth Jesus

When God’s got your back, you don’t even need a Death Star. [via]


Darth Fluttershy

Friendship among ponies is the greatest power in the galaxy.


Darth Invader

This Schwartz is as big as mine! [via]


Darth Jar Jar

Worst. Darth. Ever. [via, 2]


Bonus: Dark Helmet

Breathing is overrated anyhow.


Bonus 2: Dearth Nadir

His Death Star shoots himself out of a cannon at a planet.


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