T.J. Miller “No Real Reason” Review

Go out and buy this album. No, RIGHT now. 

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

We here at CraveOnline.com LOVE us some T.J. Miller. He’s one of the best comedians working today, and easily worth getting off our collective fat asses and driving out to see…no matter the distance. However as we’ve reported here before, T.J.’s material is very hard to translate to a recording. His style is so improvisational, and moreover somehow cultishly enrapturing that it’s almost a 45 minute “You had to be there!” experience.

Well if anything has ever gotten close to bottling the lightning that is T.J. Miller,  this hour long comedy special is it. This is really amazing stuff, and one of the best comedy specials we have EVER seen. You may want to stop reading this right now and go buy it on Amazon so it can already be heading to you for after you finish this review, because…. you will… want to own this album!

From the minute T.J. takes the stage the audience already seems ripe and willing to go as far down the rabbit hole as he wants them too. It’s a good thing too, as Miller is keen to go into his highly experimental and personal comedy right off the top. Not a lot of comedians could pull this off. Quickly you’ll see that Miller is not your normal comedian. Unique to this album is a profound disparity from joke to joke. Jokes on different subjects are not all that rare, but jokes in wildly different styles and genres are; and this is what you’ll be served from T.J.

Miller has a way of driving everything just a bit too far. It’s not a bad thing at all. You end up relishing the moment when his set up for a joke goes from painting the scene to some random divergent story. You can never be sure if T.J. is going off script or has written each word with such precision that its dangerous. We enjoyed the ride. Here here’s a clip:


That’s one of our favoriteparts.

Also strong on the special is a long series of jokes involving his “Rider”, or the contract that guarantees performers certain stuff at their gigs. Most famously the idea of “No Brown M&Ms” is a Rider issue. Well T.J.’s rider is a little more complex than that, and with hilarious results. The joke goes on longer than you’d imagine and ends up being a pretty amazing TSA joke in the end. You’ll enjoy it.

Another joke about a house with no windows and no doors is just so absurdist that it tends to be re-watched time after time, because it’s just that good. Later in the special T.J. lists a number of conditions that would prevent you and he from ever being friends. This is the kind of joke that worms its way into your head and has you writing your own unspoken rules and laughing out loud when people unknowingly break them.

Here’s another good joke to wet your whistle…


So that’s the story on T.J. Miller’s No Real Reason. It’s well worth a buy, and the DVD comes with a few rare outtakes and some original videos by Miller. The man really has a unique way to reach out and capture an audience. It can be transferred from a screen to your head so it’s something you’ll enjoy. Watch it with friends too, because half the fun is turning to your buddies with that look of “How did he think to say that?”.