Daryl Wright Wildly Inappropriate Review

Ready to be shocked and amused? 

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

As we do with more reviews, we’re going to take a second right off the top here to recommend you go see Daryl live at your earliest connivance. Not only is his show a non-stop laugh riot, but his unique look and stage persona does a lot to make a Daryl Wright experience as amazing as it really can be. Something is lost in the recording of most comedy, and with Daryl it’s doubly so as his brazen staring down the audience and utter comfort in his own style cannot truly be appreciated in audio only.

But we digress. This freshmen album for the long standing comedian is really a tour de force. Our biggest critique has to be: “Why didn’t we get this sooner?” Wright is really unique in both style and content. He’s easily the only comedian who’s content is somehow both offensive and uplifting. Each challenging line from Wright manages to make you shift uncomfortably in your seat and then come around to feeling better on the issue in general. It’s really like therapy, which perhaps makes Daryl the best example of how laughter is the best medicine.

Here's a taste: 
03 Racism is Dead by Daryl Wright 

The content is decidedly racial and political. Wright even stops off the top of the show to make sure none of the white people in the audience are going to hold back the laughs, playing to while guilt. His aggressive stage posture is somehow disarming. The audience “gets over themselves” quickly and starts going where Wright wants them. He peppers his comedy with strangely conversational bits, often shouting “Dog!” at the audience as if to get the attention of a good friend while shooting the shit on the corner. Suddenly this is your funny friend who’s entertaining your party with a glass in one hand and a bottle in the other. It’s a treat to listen too.

One of his more striking jokes involves his support of the abolishment of “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” which he dismisses quickly and efficiently. He then turns to easily one of the most offensive jokes we have ever heard involving Jesse Jackson. You’ll have to buy the album to hear it, but holy hell it hits you right where you live.

Here's another little tidbit: 
09 TV Listings by Daryl Wright

Wright ends his set with easily his biggest, best, and trademark Joke. Collectively referable as “Big in the Clan” it’s one of the best jokes ever written by a human. Listen and love that one. Also thank your lucky stars Wright lived to tell it.

This is a great album, and easily one of the better stocking stuffers both for friends who do and do not like offensive humor. We suggest you keep a couple choice tracks on your i-pod for meetings with overly sensitive people.

CRAVE ONLINE RATING 8.5 out of 10.