More Silly Xbox 720 Rumors Point Towards 2013

…and they're making us cranky.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Xbox 720 - Not Really

The train of thought for this new rumor is, honestly, ming-boggling. It started in an article on CNET about one Xbox exec leaving his role for new work. In that story, a single line ran concerning the next Xbox and its rumored launch year. Here's CNET:

The game developer Web site Develop recently pegged the launch of the next console for 2013, something a source on the Xbox team confirmed.

CVG took that one, single line and made it into a featured rumor. Their headline? You'll love this…

Xbox 720 launching in 2013, 'Microsoft source confirms'

Confirmed…? Really? It was a single line that linked the rumor to a "source" and we're happy to label it confirmed. Wow.

What really gets me about all of these rumors, beyond the fact that they've become obnoxious click-bait and traffic grabs, is that they can't all be right. That's simple logic being applied in spades. If one site is yelling about a new Xbox in 2012 while another site is screaming something about 2013, they can't both be right.

The scary part? They both think they're right. They genuinely do. They have "inside sources" that have made them believe their information is top-notch. How inside are they? No idea. They're…like…way inside. The kind of inside that makes it impossible for them to be revealed under penalty of death.

So, here I stand with another Xbox 360 rumor, just as unconvinced as I was the last six times I've reported on these things in recent months. Is the next Xbox coming? Oh, absolutely. We will definitely see new hardware from Microsoft somewhere down the line. Now? Next year? Two years from now? A source close to the business has told us that we have no god damn idea.

The positive thing to take away from all of this is that gamers are excited about what's coming. They love their current consoles and platforms, but they are pumped for the future. The leap between each console generation has been awesome. That's worth getting jazzed over.

For now, we suggest you quit buying into all the rumors and start loving your current machines. They'll serve you well enough until the console manufacturers are ready to give you the next big thing.