HP Envy 14 Notebook

Taking a closer look at HP's new line of Notebooks.

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HP Envy 14

I make no excuses for not liking Windows—I’ve been a Mac person all my life. But you can always get a great deal with an HP. The new Envy 14 notebooks have really been sexed up for a HP. (Though I still hate those right click/left click mouse functions that involve 2-3 fingers to operate.). And get this: the HP piece of equipment comes in at an affordable: $999. (Yes—in your face expensive Macs!)

First, the design is sexy: it’s a silver aluminum-alloy chassisthat’s very aesthetically pleasing to the eye; though it’s lightweight, you pick it up and it feels like you’re holding a good sturdy piece of equipment. “Durable” might be a good word for it: it seems like it could take an accidental fall of a desk and simply laugh it off.

Sure aesthetics are great and all, but what makes the Envy really unique? It’s all about sound. The Envy has hooked up with Dr. Dre and Beats to bring you the best sound possible in a laptop. That’s right, the Envy 14 comes loaded with Beats Audio and you know what that means: lower lows and deeper bass notes. Though most laptops don’t have great speakers—this is a step above the rest. The speakers are loaded on the front edge of the laptop and are full and loud. Beats Audio has also provided a high-end hardware and software-based audio-out experience.

Here’s another feature I particularly like: in some models of the Envy, there’s an embedded chip to sync with your wireless speakers. It’s about time; I’ve always found it annoying having to insert a device into my USB port to sync up the sound, and having to pull it out, and lose my speaker sound, every time I had to use the port for printing.


  • The Envy 14 starts at $999.99
  • Core i5-2410M CPU
  • 6GB of RAM
  • A 500GB 7,200RPM drive
  • 5.2-lbs
  • Eight-cell battery

Overall, with the Envy, the price is right, the sound is awesome, and it looks damn pretty!