4th and Goal: Week 15

Four questions about this weekends slate of games.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Can Tebow pull the upset against the Patriots?

The Tebow run in Denver over the past 6 weeks has been nothing less than phenomenal. It's been as rich and dramatic a story as any you've ever seen in Hollywood and as much as I am loathe to go against something that seems almost fated, I'm going to say that the Tebow train hits a speed bump this week and loses to the Patriots. New England is just too talented and experienced to let Tebow pull out a late win against them. That being said, however, if Denver wins, I would not be shocked.


How pivotal a week is it for the AFC North?

This weekend (Mon included) will decide the AFC North, that's the level of the importance facing both Pittsburgh and Baltimore this week. Both teams face huge road tests and one of them is going to falter, at least that's my belief. Whichever team isn't up to the test, and signs are pointing towards Pittsburgh with their rash of injuries, will have to settle with the top wild card spot.


Is Chicago done for in the NFC Wild Card race?

Simply put, yep, Chicago is done and will have no chance to make the postseason. Without Cutler or Forte, their top two offensive weapons, the Bears are a sinking ship and won't have enough to pass up Atlanta, Detroit or whichever of the Giants/Cowboys don't win the division. The back to back losses to Kansas City and Denver were the final two nails in their coffin and it's all about next season now.


What is the Game of the Week?

The answer to this one will be found on Monday night in San Francisco. This game is pivotal for both squad as they are trying to secure their positions in the postseason. The 49ers need the win to keep pace with the Saints for that coveted first round bye while the Steelers are still in the hunt for the division. This should be an old fashion low scoring defensive affair that is sure  to come down to the wire, one that should make for great viewing drama.